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December 27, 2017

Pregnancy planning 2018 and Baby Horoscopes 2018

Find out more about personalities of the children born in 2018!

2018 will bring into the world very purposeful and mentally strong personalities with a great capacity for a breakthrough. The children born this year frequently will turn out to be leaders and people ready to be in charge – the individuals, whose main concern is to honour work as a virtue and to ensure that everything is done properly, in accordance with the rules and laws. Although each zodiac sign has its own characteristic personality traits, the overall background of 2018 will be related to profound seriousness and the archetype of a father, which expresses a desire to care for his fellow human beings and to defend the weakest. The motto of this year’s personalities – life is a battle, and I am its leader!


Dominant planet: Saturn

Principle: Responsible for the order of all things and compliance with rules, the success is achieved through experience

Motto: Good things come to those who wait!

Keywords: duties, responsibility, dedication

Element: Earth

21.12. 2016–20.01. 2017

The children to be born throughout the period of Capricorn will have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. They manifestly correspond to the overall prognosis of the year – these children will resemble small adults. Hence, their parents must take great care that the baby does not grow up too fast. They will be very resilient, tough and strong, easily overcome difficulties and seek to change the world, insisting that the rules should be respected by all. Since the little Capricorns will yearn to help their fellow human beings and care for others from the very early childhood, it is very important not to overload them, because the children born this year will have a very pronounced tendency to take responsibility. From the moment of birth, the child will feel like an adult.


Dominant planet: Uranus

Principle: I am not like anyone else

Motto: I love freedom!

Keywords: eccentricity, originality, independence, collectivism, equality, humanism

Element: Air

January 20–26

This period brings athletic, independent, versatile and emotionally strong children with very high level of endurance. They will be interested in everything mysterious and explorable. The apposite professions for these children include psychologists or investigators who are interested in various topics that are not immediately obvious and understandable to the outside world.

January 27–February 18

The period will mark the birthdays of passionate, enthusiastic people with great plans and ideas. These children will be active and on the go from a very early age. They will want to participate and get involved in everything, incapable to sit aside. The babies of the given period will also be characterized by high sensitivity, emotionality, great capacity for empathy and tenderness.


Dominant planet: Neptune

Principle: empathy, compassion, artistic talent, doubt, lack of clarity

Motto: Everything is possible!

Keywords: faith, hope, love

Element: Water

February 18–March 1

Although Pisces always are artistic, the children of this sign born in 2018 will be especially gifted and talented. Additionally, they will not only dream their ideas, but will be able to provide livelihood thereby, realizing their conceptions and making them tangible. Babies born in this period will cross borders, spreading their ideas over the world. Even though they will be endowed with good intuition, at school the representatives of this sign may be overly dreamy and very sensitive. Therefore, the parents need to help their baby live through his or her emotions, and should quite often express their sympathy and compassion.

March 1–7

This period will be the birth time of very successful children with a great potential to reach the peaks of global fame. They will include future musicians, artists, spiritual leaders.

March 7–20

The children born at the conclusion of the Pisces period will be more extraverted, demand the attention of those around them, and will want to stand out, therefore they will often appear vivid and behave provokingly. However, at the same time, there will be the contradictions in their personalities, which also characterize the overall nature of the sign. At times, the desire to stand out will be overcome by shyness, which will manifest itself at the very moment when people’s attention will be actually focussed on that person. Likewise, the babies born in this period will often be unsure of their thoughts, decisions and choices; both in their childhood and adolescence, they will be characterised by doubt.


Dominant planet: Mars

Principle: activity, impulsiveness, an aspiration to be the first, openness, directness

Motto: The main thing is not to participate, but to win!

Keywords: leader, winner, beginner of all things

Element: Fire

March 20–April 3

This period will see into the world the pronounced representatives of the Aries sign – fiery, stubborn, with a tendency to protest and break the boundaries. They will be strong people, aware of their task in life, and from the very early days, they will go their own way, which sometimes might not be understood by others. Despite the controversies that may arise, it will be very difficult to convince them that the opposing point of view might be correct. The Aries of this period will often disregard others in pursuit of their goal, will take into account neither admonitions nor prohibitions. The parents of these brave and audacious children must protect and nurture them, paying increased attention to their safety. Children born in this period will not have a sense of fear. Hence, until they learn that things do not always happen as they wish, the little Aries can frequently be bruised.

April 4–April 20

Those born within this period will also retain the same stubbornness and tend to go their own way, just like the Aries of the previous period, however, this trait will be complemented by greater tolerance, ability to listen to others, and desire for peace and harmony around them. Little Aries will allow a great importance to appreciation and recognition by other people, which is of no importance to the individuals born in the previous period. Similarly, the babies born at this time can be gifted in art and music. True, the children born in both periods may lack the patience to remain at school for long hours and study. It is possible that these children will not excel in exact sciences, such as mathematics, because they will yearn to move, act, rustle and bustle. Still, the things that taught to the little Aries will be remembered forever. Due to their rebellious nature, these children should be raised with particular patience, love and friendship.


Dominant planet: Venus

Principle: beauty, pleasure, money, aesthetic taste, love, harmony

Motto: I own!

Keywords: endurance, perseverance, patience

Element: Earth

April 20–May 11

Born within this period, the baby Taurus will be very resilient and hard-working, – these are the people who have arrived on this planet to increase the material well-being of the world. They will easily attract money, will not fear difficulties and gladly take on responsibilities, aspiring to win their place under the sun.

May 11–21 (this year, Taurus starts on this date)

The time, when future leaders are born, people holding a great influence in public and family, independent and self-sufficient from a very early age. They will be stubborn, progress slowly on their way, but act their own mind. The people born under this sign are recommended sports, as they will have overflowing energy, which they will not be able to direct and apply purposefully in their childhood. It is best to keep these children busy from a very early age, otherwise, they may become cranky, adverse and disobedient.


Dominant planet: Mercury

Principle: communication, information, neutrality, mind, ease, erudition

Motto: I want to ascertain everything myself!

Keywords: curiosity, versatility, activity

Element: Air

May 21–June 8

This period will bring into world erudite, talented, successful, intuitive, and freedom-loving babies – people following their own path in life, quick-witted. From an early childhood, they will be great chatterboxes and discoursers. Although the Gemini is not a sign usually characterized by strong empathy, those born this year will nevertheless be endowed with this quality to a very large extent. They will also be able to understand the true nature of things and use intuition for their own good. These are future thinkers, psychologists and creative people who will work in different projects and fields, and be well-versed in technical issues. Sports activities in the fresh air and collective sports are recommended.

June 8–21

The personalities of children born within this period will also be characterised by the highly developed erudition and intellectual abilities, while their inherent dynamics will be slightly lower. These children will be rather silent and better thinkers than speakers. They will gladly read, be interested in different spheres and accumulate knowledge without overly demonstrating it. True, the Gemini of this period will also greatly enjoy the attention and compliments of the people around them.


Dominant planet: Moon

Principle: intimacy, mystery, adaptability, willingness to help, empathy

Motto: The main things in life are hearth, family and love!

Keywords: nation, family, home

Element: Water

June 21–30

This year will see into the world emotionally complicated Cancer children, who will find it difficult to understand themselves and their feelings. In babies, it can be manifested as frequent crying and grizzling, their parents will often fail to understand the cause of child’s frustration. Moreover, for a long time the children themselves will not be able to define it. Cancer personalities have a very delicate, deep and complex emotional world, and it can take a long time for the individuals born in this period to learn to understand their emotions. The parents of these babies should strive to support their children continuously and to reassure them even when it is unclear what is the cause of each new predicament. It is very important for these children to receive the love of those around them. Sometimes they may lack the courage to realize their intent, a characteristic trait is self-searching.

July 1–23

The Cancers born in this period will retain just as intense emotionality, however, their progress through life will be facilitated by the greater support of people around them. There will also be frequent situations when the intended and desired aspirations will come true. Swimming, art, singing are excellent hobbies that allow expressing emotions.


Dominant planet: Sun

Principle: light, energy of life, courage, centre, around which everything revolves

Motto: I want to bless everyone with myself!

Keywords: stage, creative capacities, dominance

Element: Fire

July 23–August 23

Leos, just like Capricorns, share a single overall characterisation of the period. The Leos born this year should not be pulled by whiskers – small and angry roaring beasts endowed with complicated character, great ambition, obstinacy and wish to fight everyone, surmounting obstacles. Indeed, sometimes these obstacles can be more numerous than the force to fight them. Therefore, it is advisable to rest and not overtax oneself, whereas when in full strength, to carry things through. This year’s Leos should learn to advance slowly, step by step. Overcoming difficulties, they can become strict and hard managers, bosses, leaders.


Dominant planet: Mercury

Principle: communication, transfer of information, neutrality, objectivity, versatility

Motto: I don’t believe anybody, I want to find out everything myself!

Keywords: care of someone, love of order, stability

Element: Earth

August 23–September 6

This is the period bringing into the world very strong and courageous children, capable to combine their duties, as well as retain their freedom. They will not have to be encouraged and additionally motivated to take definite action – from the very early age on, the Virgo will do everything herself, being orderly, punctual, purposeful and hard working. Children born during this period will achieve a lot in their lives with work and discipline, they can be successful in business, lend a pair of stable hands to their work.

September 7–23

In addition to the characteristics of the people born in the previous period, the Virgin born within this stretch of time will be more emotional and passionate, as well as harbour a desire for challenges and adventures, while the need for peace and stability will be less pronounced. These people will more often dare to risk and try something new. They will be eccentric, encourage other people to take action, too, they can start a fight with others, even their nearest and dearest, to defend their truth. Obvious leaders with an innate entrepreneurial gene.


Dominant planet: Venus

Principle: beauty, love, harmony, compromise, diplomacy

Motto: There is nothing more important in life than love and good relations!

Keywords: relationships, peace, laziness

Element: Air

September 23–October 5

While Libra people are generally friendly and tend to indulge others, as well as show great diplomatic skills, this year’s Libra, especially those born in the first period, will also be strong, innovative and creative, as well as endowed with their individual views and vision of the world.

October 6–23

For Libra born in this period, it will be very important to learn the art of mutual relations and connecting with others without engaging in unnecessary conflicts. As adults, these people will spend a lot of time in quest of themselves, and exploring those around them. There may be difficulties in communication, sensing and defining what they desire themselves, and observing how things are perceived by others. Inner conflicts may arise, the grown-up representatives of this sign may continue to search for the answers to the questions as to why they feel like they feel. Meanwhile, Libra born in this period will also be endowed with a high sense of responsibility and great courage. As children, they can be emotional, passionate, defiant, as well as jealous of their little brothers and sisters. A fixed daily routine and ordered schedule will help to calm down the troubled mind.


Dominant planet: Pluto (Mars)

Principle: transformation – incessant makeover of oneself and the others, battle, restlessness

Motto: Love me when I am soiled, because everyone will love me clean!

eywords: power, emotions, attachment

Element: Water

October 23–November 8

The Scorpios born this year will be true representatives of their sign – passionate, profound, with a strong character and desire to learn the mysteries of the world, mystics, esotericists, businessmen, bankers – influential people in the contemporary world. It will be difficult to raise these children at the parents’ discretion because they will be born as already formed personalities with their own strong views and vision. Parents can only help their babies grow, remembering that it is impossible to change them. Love and caring are the only ways of upbringing that should be used in this case, despite the fact that these children will often be provocative. Parents should also keep in mind that if they treat their offspring harshly, using various methods of presurizing, they will have to face a lot of spite and disobedience.

November 8– 22

This period will see into the world the people focussed on development and growth. They will differ from other Scorpios due to the main driving force of their lives. If for the individuals born in the previous period the main driving force of life is the struggle and the path through the thorns toward the stars, then the most important for the Scorpios of this period is the very path itself and a continuous advance, development, education, travel, and expansion of horizons. This is the time, when many teachers, spiritual leaders, religious personalities, world travellers and people with a global perspective toward life could be born.


Dominant planet: Jupiter

Principle: development, expansion, confidence, faith in the good, moving ahead

Motto: Don’t worry about the small stuff, look at great things!

Keywords: guru, exuberance, ambition

Element: Fire

November 22–December 8

Sagittarians to enter the world this year will be born lucky – energetic, ambitious, endowed with faith in their own power, compassionate and keen to change the usual social order. They will be fair, generous, embody a strong conviction that everything in life will always end well, pronounced optimists that inspire others. True, sometimes they may feel doubt and a desire to go on a quest to seek themselves. In childhood, swimming, music and art-related activities are highly recommended.

December 9–22

The Sagittarians of this period will have a wide worldview and a desire to do great things, but they may lack decisiveness in implementation of their plans. Their emotional condition plays a crucial role. There may be an aspiration to engage in global salvation, join various missions. Future psychologists, representatives of religious and creative spheres, they can have a marked sensitivity that needs to be realized in the activity – it is recommended to undertake activities related to music and dance.

If the birthday is celebrated on the date when the zodiac signs overlap, the affiliation to a particular sign must be determined individually, either by consulting the astrologer and creating an individual astrological map, or by using a special program that allows determining the specific correspondence electronically. (