What is AstroSecret?

AstroSecret app combines women’s period calendar with astrologically calculated individual fertile days of the Lunar cycle. This creates a unique natural pregnancy planning calendar.

The Lunar cycle pregnancy planning method was discovered in 1956 by scientist and doctor Dr. Eugen Jonas.

AstroSecret team performed complex programming to combine the Lunar cycle method with the evaluation of menstrual cycle fertile day suitability for conception.

Who is AstroSecret for?

The free AstroSecret version is suitable for any women who would like to track their periods and receive notifications of upcoming ones. The paid subscription provides a pregnancy planning calendar for women who would like to use a natural pregnancy planning method.

This app is especially suitable for women who don’t have a medical condition but becoming pregnant takes longer than expected.

Before using this app, make sure you are healthy.

Who developed the application, and can I trust it?

This application was created by professional medical and programming specialists and astrologers who combined their knowledge to create a helpful tool for women to know their fertile days by combining menstrual and Lunar cycle.

What is the goal of the app developers?

To make difficult and complex calculation system available to every modern day woman who wishes to live by the rhythms of nature and determine the most favorable dates for conceiving a child naturally.

When these days have been determined the couple can have better chances of getting pregnant and can prepare a while before a specific day by living a healthy lifestyle, doing sports and also by following a balanced and healthy diet.

Who is Dr. Eugen Jonas?

Dr. Eugen Jonas was born in 1928 and currently lives in Slovakia. In the middle of 1950, he studied medicine and additionally was interested in astrology. The idea about developing a new fertility method came when the new student found ancient Assyrian handwriting and read the phrase: “A woman is fertile in a particular Moon phase.”

Based on this information Jonas did in-depth research and countless calculations. On 15th August 1965, he discovered something completely new for the world and science – additionally to the menstrual cycle women also have an additional fertile cycle where ovulation occurs.

Jonas called it a spontaneous ovulation. This is how Dr. Jonas explained those situations when pregnancy took place on the so-called “safe days”.

In the beginning, Dr. Jonas successfully checked his assumptions and proved them by examining data of women who had already given birth and calculating the possible conception dates by looking at the baby’s birth date. After that, he formed long-term cooperation with the leading gynecology and maternity hospital of Czechoslovakia in Prague that was ready to cooperate with the young Dr. Jonas and invited him to do full-time research about his method.

For is diligence and achieved results, Dr. Eugen Jonas was nominated twice for a Nobel Prize in 1970 in America and 2000 in Argentina.

What is natural pregnancy planning method developed by Dr. Jonas?

Dr. E. Jonas claims there are two fertility cycles for a woman:

– The menstrual cycle is connected with ovulation that happens in the middle of two periods (see Fertility prediction symbol in the AstroSecret app). Our app then assesses these fertile days looking from the astrological point of view and shows only favorable days for pregnancy planning. The calendar shows these days as AstroSecret Days,

– The Lunar cycle is connected with the position of the Sun and Moon at the birth time of a woman (in our AstroSecret app these days are marked as a yellow circle with a small Moon sign called “AstroSecret Lunar day”).

Both cycles are completely independent. According to the research done by Dr. Jonas, 85% of the pregnancies happened in the lunar cycle.

If both cycles – menstrual and Lunar overlap, the chance of pregnancy is 98%. The app shows these days as “AstroSecret Special day”.

Since 1956 this method has been evaluated by conducting research that included testimonials from thousands of couples who were invited to participate in the developing of the method. The research continued for more than 46 years and resulted in a significant amount of newborns coming into this world.

Dr. Jonas also developed a way to determine the gender of the potential baby. It has proven to be successful in 70-80 %  of the cases.

Have you based this app on any research?

The research of Dr. E. Jonas Lunar fertility method confirms:

– Method is precise in 98 % of cases (In AstroSecret App a women would become pregnant on AstoSecret Special day),

– 2/3 of women who couldn’t conceive before without medical indications got pregnant in the first year of using this method,

– 1/3 – in the second year.

What does AstroSecret Special day mean?

The yellow calendar date with crimped edges or AstroSecret Special day is determined by Dr. Jonas method as an especially favorable Lunar cycle day that overlaps with a fertile day of the menstrual cycle. Chances of getting pregnant are 98%.

What does AstroSecret day mean?

The white calendar dates or the AstroSecret days are astrologically evaluated days of the menstrual cycle favorable for pregnancy.

What do the numbers mean in each AstroSecret white day?

The numbers indicate the overall favorable aspects in that day. The higher the number, the more favorable the day.

If the number is 0, does it mean the day isn’t favorable for pregnancy?

This day is also suitable for conception because AstroSecret app shows only favorable days for pregnancy.

Why do I have only white days in some cycles?

In a cycle with only white days, the AstroSecret Special day wasn’t favorable enough for pregnancy. It means that on that day there are more negative indicators than positive and the app is not showing it.

Why do I have so little AstroSecret Lunar days?

It means that in a particular period, combinations of different parameters are not favorable for pregnancy. This app has been created not to miss these most suitable days for pregnancy in the calendar.

Keep in mind that you can always visit a medical specialist if you have some questions related to your health and wellbeing that need to be answered.

Where can I see the gender and horocope of my potential baby?

When you press on the yellow or white calander day in our AstroSecret app, the gender and horoscope of the potential baby will show.

Why the gender of the baby doesn't show in all AstroSecret days?

The indicators for accurate prediction of gender are not available on those days. In Astrology the gender of your baby is predicted by looking at the main Moon sign of the day. There are days when the Moon sign changes and then the gender prediction will not be shown.

Can I get pregnant also on AstroSecret or white days?

Yes, of course! The AstroSecret or white days are astrologically calculated fertile days of your menstrual cycle and you can get pregnant on these days. The chances are greater if a particular day has more favorable astrologically calculated aspects shown with a higher number (0-5).

Can AstroSecret Lunar day change if my menstrual cycle changes?

The AstroSecret Lunar days will not change if you have any changes in your menstrual cycle. These days can only disappear or show on a different day if you significantly change your location (time zones change).

Is it possible to change the length of my cycle and indicate an ovulation day?

Yes, it is possible. You can indicate the average cycle length in the settings of the AstroSecret app. You can also use the option for the app to automatically calculate the average cycle length from the last 6 months if you have already entered or plan to enter this information in the calendar.

You can also indicate the earliest and latest ovulation days if you are following your ovulation cycle. Otherwise, the program will determine the fertile days of your menstrual cycle automatically.

How important it is the indicated time of birth?

The time of birth is very important as it is used in many astrological calculations to determine whether the day is favorable for pregnancy and to calculate AstroSecret Lunar days.

The AstroSecret app will work more precisely with a precise time of birth.

If I change the current location in settings, will the favorable days for pregnancy change?

Yes, favorable days for pregnancy can change. It means if you travel or change your place of residence, the planetary position against your birth map will change. Therefor the astrological calculations will be different. This is an opportunity for frequently travelling couples to seek the most suitable location for pregnancy around the world.

Until what age the app wil show the favorable days for pregnancy?

AstroSecret developers think that a woman has the right to choose when she wants to have a baby. That is why no time limits are set.


Why AstroSecret app is showing the AstroSecret Lunar day during my periods or close to them?

The AstroSecret Lunar day is determined using the method developed by Dr. E. Jonas. He discovered that a woman is able to become pregnant also outside the fertile window of a menstrual cycle. This explains the phenomenon when a woman gets pregnant on the so-called “safe days”. Dr. Jonas has named it the Lunar cycle as it is calculated using astrological methods from birth data of a woman.

Mūsdienās pasaulē šo metodi veiksmīgi izmantojuši apmēram miljons pāru.

Nowadays approximately a million couples have successfully used this method.

What is AstroSecert Lunar day?

The AstroSecret Lunar day is a favorable day for pregnancy determined using the method developed by Dr. E. Jonas. A woman is able to become pregnant on these days even if they are outside the fertile window of the menstrual cycle and explains the cases when pregnancy happens on the so-called “safe days”.

I am experiencing problems when trying to purchase a subscription plan.

When you are buying a subscription plan, you have to take into account that Google Play Store and App Store are using a double safety system for online shopping. You can only make a payment from those cards that allow this option. For example, Maestro card doesn’t use the double safety system and you won’t be able to make a purchase with this type of card. If you have a card that supports double safety for online shopping, please make sure that you have activated your card for online shopping. AstroSceret team recommends contacting your bank for more information on this topic.