Astrological predictions
January 27, 2017

Love and Family planning in February 2017

Planetary position for February 2017

Sun, the king of zodiac is in Aquarius till 18th Feb. Later moves into Pisces.

Mars, the planet for passion and fire is in Aries its own sign for entire February.

Mercury, planet for communication is in Capricorn till 7th Feb and then moves into Aquarius on 8th Feb.

Jupiter, the giver of knowledge is in Virgo throughout February

Venus, the lord of love is in Pisces till 03th Feb and moves into Aries and stays till 26th Feb in Aries along with fiery Mars. Then moves into Taurus.

Saturn, the planet for justice is in Sagittarius throughout the month.

These are the seven most important planets of the Zodiac. Uranus and Pluto   don’t impact us the way these seven planets do. Moreover Uranus and Pluto are mainly to attain higher knowledge, spirituality and philosophical mindset.

Moon moves every 2 ½ days.

Each house of the zodiac has significance. Fifth house is for family planning and sixth house is for health. Now let us take a look at how these planetary positions will impact all the zodiac signs in the month of February.

Aries – Fifth house for Aries is Leo and the ruler of Leo is Sun, which is in favorable position in Aquarius, eleventh house of gains. Since Jupiter is in Virgo, health of Aries natives will be fine. There is no cause of worry. Even if Jupiter is weak in your personal chart, it is a benevolent and positive planet that doesn’t cause any disturbance.

Your love life will bloom and you can enjoy passionate sex as Venus the lord of love is in your house along with house lord Mars. Those who’re planning to start a family can do so now. Enjoy steamy passion, amorous sex and this is ideal time to make babies.

Taurus – Fifth house for Taurus is Virgo and sixth house is Libra. Jupiter is in Virgo and its ideal time to start a family. Be careful especially if you’re pregnant. Avoid long distance journey and strenuous work. You and your partner can spend quality time with each other and bond over indoor games; if you know what I mean.

While Libra your sixth house is ruled by Venus who is positioned in Aries along with fiery Mars, there may be sparks between couples. In case you’ve had a break up its time to find a new partner. Venus the lord of love showers you with excitement and sex. Enjoy between the sheets and lay the foundation to start a family. Health will be in good shape.

Gemini – Mercury, the ruler of Gemini is positioned in Capricorn and then moves into Aquarius. These are eighth and ninth house for Gemini’s. Eighth house is for partner/ spouse. The first half of February is ideal time to plan a family. Your love life will blossom; time for abundant passion, fire and steamy sex. For singles you’re sure to find a partner and those in a relationship can strengthen their bond.

With Saturn in seventh house some may break up and find love again. Saturn may also cause disturbance in health as it is aspecting your first house. Be careful about your diet and try to eat fresh foods. Avoid stale food. If you’re planning to start a family or you’re pregnant take care of your health.

Cancer – Ruled by Moon Cancer has fifth house lord, Mars combined with Venus in tenth house. It is favorable to start a family as Saturn is hidden in sixth house. Health may need concern in case you’re already suffering from some ailment.

Your love life will be rocking as Venus and Mars together help you reach the crescendo of sexuality and sensuality. Your partner will be stuck to you like glue and you’ll not be sorry about it. Enjoy.

Leo– Sun, the ruler of Leo is aspecting his own sign from Aquarius. Health of Leo natives will be in good shape. You’re likely to travel a lot in February. Long distance marriage will keep the zing intact in your love life. With fiery Mars and sextile Venus together in your ninth house you’re sure to enjoy a tango with your partner. There is possibility of a second marriage.

With Saturn in fifth house time is not ideal to start a family but second house Jupiter is sure to get you pregnant and give you a family. If you’re already pregnant take care of your health. Be careful while driving.

Virgo – Jupiter resides in Virgo throughout the month of February. It aspects seventh house i.e. Pisces which is its own place. Virgos’ will be lucky in matters of the heart. Love will blossom as seventh house is for relationships. Your sex life will be active and you’re likely to enjoy a romp in bed. You’ll attract the ‘right person’ into your life and this may lead to a permanent relationship by the end of the year.

Health needs attention as Sun is in sixth house of Aquarius. Matters relating to eye infection are likely. Take precautions before you go out at night. As far as possible be careful while driving in the night.

Libra – Venus the lord of love is aspecting its own sign i.e. Libra from Aries along with fiery Mars. You’ll explode sexually and enjoy the best period of life. This month is dedicated to love, sex and fun. For those who’re planning to start a family time is right. Your partner will shower you with extra attention and care.

Health will be good shape and you’ll be fit as a fiddle. In case you’re planning to run a marathon, try it. You’re sure to succeed. Ideal time for fun, frolic and fiesta.

Scorpio – Your ruler Mars is in sixth house along with Venus. Saturn resides in second house and Sun is in fourth house. You’re likely to have misunderstandings with your partner. Love life will be going through troubled times. Postpone starting a family. If you’ve already broken up remain single for a few more weeks before you find another partner.

Health needs attention. Try to meditate to keep your mind relaxed and de-stressed. Turn to yoga and meditation to go through this period. Remember this too shall pass.

Sagittarius – With Saturn in your sign and your lord Jupiter in tenth house it’s time to take a break from dating and relationships. With Mars and Venus together in fifth house, time is not conducive to start a family. Wait for a while before you plan pregnancy.

Health will be fine but try to be careful about your diet. Avoid heavy drinking. Keep yourself healthy by turning to yoga and meditation. This will help you to unwind and remain calm. Remember the saying ‘tough times don’t last, tough people do’.

Capricorn – Your sign lord Saturn is in 12th house and Sun is in 2nd house. With sixth house lord Mercury in your sign your health will be in top shape. After 8th Feb Mercury moves out of your sign and joins Sun in Aquarius till 18th. Take care of your health and money. Avoid arguments and as far as possible keep quiet. Words once uttered cannot be taken back.

With Jupiter in ninth house you’re likely to have a second marriage or at least think in that direction. Take it slow and don’t do anything on the rebound. Time to be cautious.

Aquarius – Sun in your sign and Mars and Venus in 3rd house and your sign lord Saturn in eleventh place you’re likely to get gains and profits not only in relationships but also financially. With fifth house lord Mercury in 12th place it’s better to plan your pregnancy as in six to eight weeks time Mercury will move into your second house of family.

Your health will be fine but you need to be careful with your mental health. Don’t take stress and tension. Go with the flow and enjoy this beautiful life nature has bestowed on you.

Pisces – Your sign lord Jupiter is aspecting you from seventh house of Virgo and sixth house lord Sun, is in 12th place. Good times are on the anvil for the month of February. Time is conducive to think about planning a family. Your health is in good shape and you’re ready to face the world. Good luck for a long and satisfied life.