Astrological predictions, Pregnancy Tips
January 27, 2017

Healthy lifestyle during pregnancy planning

Planning for pregnancy is an exciting time. You are ready to prepare your body for the natural process of creating a little human. To increase your chances of pregnancy and satisfy the growing life inside. While pregnancy planning, there are various routines that are helpful in conceiving and during the pregnancy planning stages.

Eat clean and take your herbs!

Eating a simple diet (a diet sometimes referred to as the Minimalist Diet) can increase chances of providing a healthy environment for conceiving. One tablespoon of ghee in the morning coupled with a cup of white rice of breakfast is one way to swiftly converge to a minimalist diet. Eat simple foods such as grilled vegetables and a serving of quinoa lightly salted for dinner. Avoid harsh sugars or processed foods. If it has under 5 ingredients, it’s most likely made from an all-natural source. Saw Palmetto is an herb said to increase hormone activity. Tread lightly and experiment upon the first few attempts at pregnancy planning.

Avoid pesticides

Chemicals of any kind can be harmful. Pesticides contain chemicals said to cause harmful bacteria infestations. Over exposure to pesticides can have harmful side effects so proceed with caution and read food packaging labels so try and shop organic for the majority of your fruit and vegetable consumption. Even in the beginning stages of pregnancy planning, it’s best to wash fruits and vegetables in baking soda and water to ensure minimal pesticides are present. Soak for at least 15 minutes before consuming.

Drink (tonics, of course)

Increase water intake and if you’re feeling adventurous, create various tonics from fresh herbs. Clean out your system and set your body up for the optimum pH. Tonics can be prepared using variety of ingredients depending on the sensitivity of your taste buds. Add One teaspoon of lemon juice, thyme, turmeric, and chopped garlic to 2 cups of lukewarm water. For a bubbly effect, use the same ingredients and add a half of cup of club soda.

Utilize the benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C can be taken in a variety of ways. Too much vitamin C can cause kidney stones so try the following method in moderation. At least 60 mg of vitamin C comprises a healthy diet. Rosehips are a popular source of vitamin C. To prepare, pull apart the rose hips from the rose petals, soak and boil in water for 20-25 minutes. After its come to a boil, steep, drain and place in a container for storage. Add rose hips to jams and jellies or to a warm tonic drink in the winter.

Plan around your Zodiac sign

There are many theories behind conceiving with the sun, stars astrological sign. Some theories suggest conceiving during the time the mother is born. Beliefs behind conceiving during the moon phases suggest conceiving at the same moon phase that was present during the mother’s birth and date. These are just theories, of course. Consult an online astrological calendar and mark the appropriate dates. If you are having trouble conceiving, try a less-conventional theory.