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January 11, 2016

Pregnancy Planning in 2016 for Each Zodiac Sign

Well, how can we find out what awaits us in the year 2016? If last year’s ruler Jupiter resembled a merry Santa Claus, who would generously give us many gifts, we shouldn’t expect the same this year, because Mars, whose rule has just begun (the year in Astrology begins with the Spring Solstice, and this year it will occur on the 20th of March), represents a completely different energy. This year’s energy will be dictated by dynamics, speed, tension, activity and motion.

Mars not only controls our physical strength and actions, but is also responsible for our sexuality and ways, how we express it, therefore couples, that are trying for a baby in the year 2016, will have to play by Mars’s rules!

The best way to please Mars and increase fertility is to increase the amount of daily physical activities. This also applies for women, who are already pregnant, but, naturally, the training intensity must be lowered and adapted to the current situation. We also recommend searching for other ways to deal with unwanted tension, that would distrupt your inner harmony.

The luckiest Zodiac signs till September are Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn, from September on – Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.

And now we will take a closer look at each and every Zodiac sign:

Aries will look for the meaning of life or try to maximize their career achievments – maybe even both simultaneously. The main attention will be focused on realizing Your potential both at home and while working. But, if You decide to try for a baby, the favorable time for conception is the end of July and August.

Count Taurus’s very lucky, because all year till September is going to be great for conception. Therefore, You must try to put aside all business-related things and concentrate for the most important life goal. When then, if not now? The relationship crisis is over, and everything seems to run smoothly!

For many Gemini this year will be very important relationship-wise. The time has come to seriously consider with whom You want and don’t want to be together for real. When this issue is sorted out, don’t worry – You will get pregnant soon. The most favorable time for conception will be starting from September. Until them You must tidy Your home and take care of Your parents.

We can’t say that Cancers will trouble themselves much with trying for a baby this year, although You will concentrate more and more on family and the warmth of home. Starting with autumn you will often be emotionally longing for sweet, sweet home. And with this kind of emotion in Your heart, you will get pregnant easy.

Leo will take the matter of children very seriously. Even if you will feel ready and willing to take this big step in life, You could have to be patient and tolerant, while trying to concieve. If You are planning for a second or third baby, remember, that Your older child hasn’t suddenly grown up and still needs Your love and attention.

Virgo – this is Your year! There will be no shortage of positive occurences and difficult challenges. If You are planning for another baby of trying to get pregnant for the first time, the best time for conception will be from the end of March till the end of July, and in the Year’s end – in December. Do not forget to take care about Your parents!

For Libra, the stars will align in the most favorable positions starting from the 9th of September. Therefore, anything is possible – getting pregnant quickly and easily, as well as other pleasant and happy events in Your life. For the things to happen the way You have imagined, the only chioce is to really, really want it. Ask and Your shall recieve – that is Your motto for the year!

Although Scorpion is already past the most difficult things, You should learn to conserve Your resources and take care of Your body nevertheless. Your potential is boundless, but You still require rest from time to time. The most favorable time for conception will be starting from February till the end of March, and also in July, November and December.

It is possible, that Sagittarius will recieve a surprise this year – a not entirely planned pregnancy. But, if You have been trying for a baby for some time, this year ir perfect to fulfil Your dream of getting pregnant easy, by using modern technologies or other unconventional methods. Nowadays the list of possibilities is very long – look for support, and You shall find it.

The deep emotional changes, that have affecter Capricorn’s personality over the years will allow You to finally understand the true values of life. This is a great year for travelling and broadening Your horizon. Faith in the good will give You energy to move mountains. If you wish to get pregnant, the best time for conception is starting from mid-August. If You are far too eager to wait that long, You can also try for a baby in May.

Aquarius’s opinion about having children can change many times during the course of the year, although it doesn’t mean that You are not ready to take this important step – You just wish to thorougly and accurately evaluate it. Your partner’s support and abilities can be crucial, when making the final decision.

For Pisces this is a great time for a partnership. Await possible marriage or happiness in Your existing unions. And what can be better, than trying for a baby in this loving atmosphere. The most favorable time for conception will be the end of June, also July and the time from October till the end of the year.

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