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October 27, 2015

Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making to Have a Baby

Trying to have a baby but finding it difficult? Do you go month after month and still find there’s no baby on the way? It is possible that you’re making these top five mistakes that many couples make trying to get pregnant. By knowing the mistakes, you can make some changes to improve your chance of success.

You’re Not Having Enough Sex

It’s no secret that you need to have sex to conceive. This isn’t just once a month or every now and then. You need to have sex at the right time of the month, and have enough of it. Trying to time your exact ovulation period is difficult, which is why you can work out your fertility window leading to your ovulation date. Don’t stress about it, and have sex every two to three days to improve your chance of success.

Having Too Much Sex

Kim Kardashian commented that she and her husband Kanye West were having sex “hundreds of times a day” when they were trying to conceive their second baby. The problem is too much sex can be just as bad as not enough. It can lead to burn out and you stop enjoying it as much.

Not Changing Your Position

The missionary position is said to be the best for the sperm. While it does mean that gravity isn’t pulling the sperm back down the cervix, you still want to have intercourse for fun. Also, the sperm is still going to be ejected into the cervix however you have sex. It’s worth trying different positions so you still enjoy the act of passion.

Not Seeing a Doctor

If you’ve been trying for the last year and still had no success—and can honestly say you’ve been trying hard—you need to see a doctor. Too many people put this off, but there could be a medical reason that is making it difficult. It’s not just the woman, either. Poor sperm can cause fertility problems, so you both need to see a doctor to make sure it is nothing serious.

Using the Wrong Lubrication

Lube can help make sex more enjoyable, but it can affect the sperm. They can be full of chemicals that slow down and sometimes kill the sperm. There are some lubricants that are sperm-friendly, so it’s worth looking out for these.

Not Looking at All Science

Okay, so there were supposed to be five, but this is number six. While knowing your fertility window is important, you need to look at all science. Astrology plays a part in determining the chance of conception, because not all menstrual cycles and months are created equally. Maybe give a shot to our app that helps you to conceive by means of astrology?

Take your time to think about your sex life. Are you making the most common mistakes? It could really make sense now why you’re not conceiving.