Astrological predictions
October 12, 2015

Boy or Girl? Baby Gender Predictor

Many parents-to-be choose to keep the baby’s gender a secret until the delivery day. However, most want to know it to timely start to prepare and buy all the necessary belongings. Options nowadays are overwhelming, including the opportunity to predict baby’s gender and your best days of ovulation. But how exactly these methods work and can you trust them?

Astrology and modern technologies do wonders – predict your future baby’s gender

Astrology is an ancient science that allows you to predict the most favorable periods for certain activities very accurately. Female has around 12 menstrual cycles a year, but not all are suitable for baby’s conception and not all are recommended for a successful pregnancy. AstroSecret specialists have developed a pregnancy gender calendar that calculates potentially the most successful moments of conception for a harmonious pregnancy.

All you have to do is to enter some information about your birth date and time, location and your menstrual cycle data. AstroSecret gender calendar will do the rest and you can start planning your pregnancy now! What is particularly important – it is possible to find out your most fertile period even several years in advance to not to miss most favorable baby conception moment.

Remember that when planning a pregnancy, you cannot rely entirely on a calendar or application – it is necessary to thoroughly prepare. Before pregnancy you have to be:

  • Physically healthy by following a healthy eating regime and doing physical activities which you prefer.
  • Emotionally happy and lively, devoting more time to the things that bring joy.
  • Satisfied with your social status, job and relationships in family.

Predict your baby’s gender and horoscope sign

Baby gender prediction has always been an important topic for future parents. If you are already pregnant, an ultrasound technician will tell your baby’s gender – just wait for your little miracle and relax. But what if you are only planning to get pregnant and you have decided that you want a, let’s say, girl? AstroSecret app includes gender predictor calendar that shows specific days, when it is possible to get pregnant with boy or girl, as well as the potential baby’s horoscope sign.

However, prediction calendar will not show the baby’s gender in all days, because the exact time of conception is unknown. Also, keep in mind that first you have to enter your private data with maximum accuracy in order to let the gender calendar work correctly.

On which studies is based baby gender calendar?

Here’s the answer to skeptics – Dr.E.Jonas studies of Lunar fertility method confirms that precision of the method is effective in 98% of cases. Two thirds of women who previously with no medical indications could not get pregnant, became pregnant during the first year while using this method. And one third of women – during the second year. Feel free to try out the 14-day AstroSecret trial package with main functions – free baby gender predictor and ovulation calendar. Perhaps you will be lucky and during these days the app will show your successful moment of conception.